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Reason Rack Standalone

I would like to see a standalone 16 midi channel Reason Rack. Just the instruments, rack, and audio input/output section (16 stereo inputs and outputs). Let it operate in Rewire Mode as a slave. This will be great for people using hardware sequencers and people using Reason as a plugin inside of other D.A.W.'s. You could even offer this in a AAX, AU, and VST format. Kinda like a multi-instrument plugin.

The only devices that should be offered in the rack are: Thor, Malstrom, Subtraktor, Redrum, Kong, NN-XT, DR.Rex, and ID-8. Still allow instrument Re upgrades like Radical Piano and Polysix. Neptune would also be a great addition since you could allow the use of audio input.

Then you route the instruments to one of the stereo audio outputs and assign that audio output to a mixer channel in your D.A.W. for mixing, panning and fx.

Then you just create a midi channel for each instrument used and that's it.

Since Reason is so light on CPU I think this will work. If plugin formats are offered it would allow saving on cpu power by using all the midi channels instead of loading up a new instance. Now that Reason is starting to take over the full D.A.W. scene lets get those last couple of people hooked by offering an easier solution for loading Reason in another D.A.W. The worst part about Rewiring it, is the sequencer, fx, and mixer routings getting in the way. No more sync issues or playback issues.

My idea is to take a mult-channel vst or standalone product such as Hypersonic or Chainer/VSTack and put the Propellerhead twist on it. Please comment if you like this idea.