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I tried it yesterday morning but that didnt work.
So I took it to the apple store to test my mac book pro,
my computer was fine but reason was still acting up for
some crazy reason.
I called Line 6 Reason Tech Support Line and they asked
me for the crash report, a guy at the genius bar said it
was a Midi Issue with the crash and the crash report said
So we tested a Genius Bar External Drive to install and run it
off of and that worked perfectly.
So we tried all the steps and procedures that line 6 support
instructed us to do and none of it worked.
So We took off OS X 10.7 Lion and Installed Snow Leopard on
it and worked perfect, But that led to another issue with a different
app. My elgato gamecapture HD was not compatible with Snow Leopard.
I was pissed, so Im going back to apple to get Lion 10.7 put back on
today. Let's just hope that Reason 6.5.1 will co opereate today with 10.7.

But thanks guys for your concerns