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Pesky Ground Loop (Need some advice!)

I've got a ground loop problem. Here's my setup: I have a home built desktop computer connected to the balance interface. Balance is then connected to two KRK rokit 6's via the headphone out and an unbalanced RCA to 1/8th inch cable with a trs adaptor at the end. I realize this may be the problem, but the confusing thing is that when I connect my laptop to balance with the same cable set up, the ground loop disappears. I also have two Asus monitors connected too. All of the power for the monitors, desktop, and speakers all go to a single power strip that I have connected to a normal power outlet.

If I used balanced cables (XLR to TRS), will this fix the problem? If not, Will I have to use unbalanced cables and run the monitors through a Ground Loop Isolator?
Thanks in advance for help, I'm quite frustrated, so any advice is helpful

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