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Originally Posted by enigmatic2u View Post
I personally think that this is ridiculous, I've put a computer together solely for music production, not connected to the Internet to protect it from the dangers of the web, yet to install these REs, you need to be connected to the Internet!?

Propellerheads, sort it out please!
You should be giving the users the option to download from the shop/online or from a file, which could be downloaded on another machine as a file (.exe/dmg or your proprietary format)!
I know it's early days but I do think the option should be there, ideally, soon before the many additional RE's are released!

Seconded! I just bought Reason and am in the same boat. We already have the Ilock, sorry IGkey. Having a dedicated downloader is just overkill.

I do music production for a living and there is no way I will take my music PC on the net or cripple it by adding virus scanners etc. I had to install a new windows drive just to get Reason working. Only now I find out this silly restriction. Please allow users to download and install RE's offline!

Also I was wondering if now that I have RE's installed on my online windows drive and them registered with my IGkey, is there a folder or files I can copy across so that it will work? Surely this is a doable work around. Just copy the folders and registry settings or something like that?