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Originally Posted by rlubeck View Post
D-11, Scream4, Pulverizer, Kong's Overdrive, honestly we got alot of soundmangling tools here, that aren't limited to "one-device-at-a-time". We can chain, combine and (LFO) automate indefinitely.

I say no to messing with Scream. I love it. Thankfully I have no fear that will ever happen. Props are not in the habit of updating their devices, if anything they will add a new one that does the last device's job better (NN19 -> NNXT, D-11 -> Scream, DDL-1 -> The Echo, etc).

I mean I wouldn't mind if they added more distortion methods to Scream, tho the device's UI doesn't seem designed to accommodate much more, but if they went changing what's there it would break some of the old songs I dig out of the hard drives every now and then and actually finish.

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