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Monthly Music Competition (

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams..."

A quick heads up about a new monthly music composition competition over on Basschat. Details here:

It's open to all styles and genres, and you don't have to be a bass player to take part - you just need to love a nice, well-rounded bottom end (cheap pun intended).

There's no prize, but the winning entries from each month are going to be compiled and released annually on CD.

FYI: Basschat is a great little forum for bassists and other musicians from around the world (not just the UK!). It's a very friendly community that welcomes everyone from complete amateurs (like me) to seasoned professionals: ranging from jazz players to live dubstep and dnb artists. It's frequented by a number of well-respected mixing and mastering engineers, so it's also a great place to get free advice on recording/producing - particularly if live audio is your thing.
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