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Demo Rack Extensions Don't Show Up - Solved

Hey folks, pardon me for starting a thread for a problem that's already solved but I just spent three hours trying to get Rack Extensions to even show up in Reason, and it's such a simple thing that I'm shocked it isn't anywhere in the FAQ or on other threads, so for the benefit of some poor soul like myself who is baffled, let me post the solution:

1. Have Reason 6.5 installed.
2. Pick the Rack Extensions (RE's) you want to "Try"
3. Let it launch the RE manager - you will see a progress indicator.
4. It says installed, so restart Reason.

This much I got without any hair pulling. But what killed me was the fact that I'd go Create > Instruments and PredatorRE wasn't in there.

The solution is simple... unplug your CM stick. That little red dongle you got when you bought Reason and just stays plugged in and Reason runs without a hitch? Well, because you are only TRYING the license on these RE's then it won't transfer to your CM stick, it has to be in "Online Mode" which means UNPLUG THE STICK.

Restart Reason, select Internet Authorization (option 2), give it your username and password et voila.

PS - don't lose the stick! :P