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Vocal distortion

hey guys, ive posted a similar thread before but this is a slightly different problem lol,
just to give you the info of what im working with. im in a duo hip hop group. already have a producer (i'll be taking to producing our own beats through reason next lol).. SO. currently working on doing our first self recoded song. just importing the beat aka instrumental and recording our vocals, i seem to be getting the hang of it quite nicely, Balance makes things very easy and my vocal mixing don't seem that bad surprisingly lol

RIGHT! anyway. yes the problem. my verse/vocals that we've recorded, there pretty much fine thanks to the Clip Safe feature of balance..BUT there's a couple words that.. i wouldn't say shout as such.. but i defiantly raise my voice lol, and it distorts..not like ARRGH!..but enough to make me think.."i need to sort that out"

so other then generally using the mixer and putting the vocals through a separate compressor on the rack (obviously being new i could be using the compressor completely wrong lol)...what can you guys suggest? even if its just linking me to a helpful tutorial video..

any advise is greatly appreciated