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Originally Posted by LEDBOO View Post
I made this combinator, for the simple fact I wanted to use the studio and creative FXs as well as the ones that are in the Kong itself. Like instaed of using the compressor that the Kong provide within it, I'll assign the pad with my sound, to use the M Class Compressor or the RoughRider Compressor. Or instead of using the Tape Echo in the Kong, use the Echo.
Basically what I did was wire the Kong's audio outputs 3-16 to a Mixer 14:2. Youll get 7 lines to use in that mixer. If you want, attach the Kong's main audio output as well. But I actually assign that to a Mixer 6:2. and put the audio outs to a Spider audio merger so both come out into one Mixer channel. In the Mixer 14:2, I assigned my favorite FXs to the 4 Aux. (Which can be switched). That means you can assign a pad to any other FX besides whats in the Kong. And still use whats in the Kong as well. SWEET! The Mixer 6:2 I use as a dry playback, but still can tampered with. If you have the Buffre, attach it to the Kong, for all in all set breaks or assigning to indivisual pads.

This makes the KONG more versital, POWERFUL, and equipped. With the option of using it as is or ready for a deeper production. I'm loving this, for the simple fact my Kong is ready for some serious creation, giving me more power and control of my sounds. Its worth it. Especially to Beat Makers in Hip Hop.

Im working on a video tutorial for this and other Combinators I created.
Never mind. I've been wiring my kong sounds out and using other effects than what kong offers since the Kong was introduced in Reason (and creating drum busses, ect...). Reading your first post had me interested because you really didn't go into detail about your "mega kong". Hope that others can put your combinator patches to good use.