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Opinions wanted.

My controller quest has pretty much come to an end.

Im running Reason AND logic on a mac. Using Logic for video, but i need to do this all the time so i cant ditch Logic (which i would if i could).

Am erring on a toss up between Nektar Panorama (perfect for Reason obviously) OR a novation mininova and a nocturn.... so i get a decent little synth and some automap knobs...

Im not a DEEP user of either product, more a very light user... dont use RE's (yet)...

I cant decide...

I know the P4 is probably amazing, but for the level I am at, I cant resist the lure of another synth... (also quite keen on the live vocoder/autotune and setting morphing in the mininova).

I just dont know.

If i only used Reason and was a dedicated musician then it would be a no-brainer, but as it is..... nice synth, nocturn with automap for live tweaking of devices (which is something i like doing)...

I jsut dont know... aaaargh.