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Lightbulb Timing Reverbs to a track.

Hey guys just thought I'd fill you guys in on something that has had a positive effect on my mixing, timing the reverb(s) to the track. I've been reading "the audio engineers handbook" and in chapter 6 it talks about timing your reverb to your track. Here's something it says...
"Reverbs work better when timed to the tempo of the track. "- page 45
There's more info about how to do this in the book so pick it up if your interested in learning more but I will fill you I'm on something I've been doing to help me with timing the reverb to the tempo. I've been logging on to inputting the bpm of the track I'm working on and it'll generate timings you can apply to your reverb. For example if my track is at 90bpm it'll generate this...

Delay Calculator Notes

1/1: 2,667ms 1/2: 1,333ms 1/4: 667ms 1/8: 333ms 1/16: 167ms 1/32: 83ms 1/64: 42ms 1/128: 21ms

Delay Calculator Triplets

1/1: 1,779ms 1/2: 889ms 1/4: 445ms 1/8: 222ms 1/16: 111ms 1/32: 56ms 1/64: 28ms 1/128: 14ms

Delay Calculator – Reverb Calculator

Reverb and Delay Calculator Enter Beats per Minute (BPM) 90 Calculate reverb and delay times

Delay Calculator Results:

Delay Calculator Dotted

1/1: 4,000ms 1/2: 2,000ms 1/4: 1,000ms 1/8: 500ms 1/16: 250ms 1/32: 125ms 1/64: 63ms 1/128: 31ms

1,000 milliseconds (ms) = 1 second.

I'll input a ms that's on the graph into the reverb time and see if I like how it sounds and I'll change it until I find out where I like it. The website also talks about how you can use the ms numbers and apply it to the pre delay. Guys this is definitely something worth checking out and applying into your production techniques. I've been doing this for quite some time and with great results. I was in the mood today to share this info with the forum members today. I hope you guys enjoy this post.

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