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Originally Posted by OMOMs View Post
It does look good, but in my opinion it would be kind of against that hardware emulation philosophy.
The SSL does actually look like an SSL (with only a few differences), as the rack devices actually look like rack devices. So if they changed the mixer only, that would be quite weird to my eyes, switching from rack to mixer. So they'd probably have to change the entire GUI to make it fit. Also I really like the SSL design, so if they do it, I hope they make skins, so I can use it as is
Only a few differences? An SSL 9000, 900 or any version if even close would be overwelming to the average Reason user. Especially on the older analog beasts. I know what you're driving at though. On a personal preference, I wish the existing SSL (more to the point, SSL like) mixer was a lot more up to date with visual EQ metering coupled with a spectrum control for seeing the actual spectrum EQ bands along side the desired EQ curve. After all, it is 2012. Again, that's me, but I think it accounts for what a lot of people are also gravitating to. One look at Logic, Studio One, and Sonar reveal that.

There is no right or wrong obviously as we are looking at cosmetic (although very real looking) skin treatments.

Still, when you look at a NEVE, older AMEK, SSL, or even this skin deep pseudo cool Imperial design, it does make for a nice GUI interface. It would then be wise to have such a look integrate smartly with the rack. I kind of hinted on that as well in the OP.

Good feedback OMOMs, thanks!

Now let's make some music and not care about skins until it happens!