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possibly latency issue?

im running a 2010 Sony vaio laptop 8gigs ram. it's a speedy lil thing with an i5 that thinks its a quad core. i have a 20" vga monitor hooked up to it for my mixer view. my issue is since reason 6.5 update it really seems to lag while opening file library. reason 6 alone was fast as could be. is this version that much heavier? also while playing around with rack units and stacking synths inside combinators, (just experimenting because i don't know what I'm doing half the time anyway lol) I'll start to hear little clicks of static? wierd! is anyone else having hardware issues like this? i'm trying to find a link to optimize my machine specifically for music creation. thanks in advance for any reponses,

Sony vaio w/Intel i5 m260 chip 8 gigs ram, line6 ux2, oxygen25, peavey sm58 mic,Alvarez masterclass acoustic, ltd ec1000t electric. praying for money to upgrade all electronics