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Noobish question concerning collaboration


I'm working on my first cross-DAW collaboration with another producer, and am running into some difficulties that I thought I'd seek some help on. He's using Ableton, I'm using Reason 6.5.

We've been working on a tune for awhile, passing elements back and forth and what not. At this point, the tune is almost finished and I'm going to take one last stab and cleaning things up and making some tweaks. He had just finished up making his changes. What I currently have are all the tracks bounced down to wavs. I'd like to make some small edits to some tracks, and others I probably won't touch at all. I do want to mix them all together and do some mastering work.

I'm pretty confused on how to approach this as I've never dealt with this situation before. How do I go about organizing all of these tracks (many finished) in Reason? I guess I could recycle all of the wav files and load each one as a REX, but this seems a bit clunky. Is there a better way that anybody knows of? Any way to just group and run the tracks that I'm not making any changes to?

Big thanks for any help!