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Upgrade to 6.5--considerations

Okay, I've had 6.02 since around March of this year. My system is stable (after having sorted some massive hardward issues) and I'm fairly comfortable with everything. I have looked at the upgrade FAQs and don't see some questions addressed. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. When I upgrade, what do I get besides the ability to run REs?

2. Can I go directly to 6.5.1, or do I have to get 6.5 first?

3. Give me a little reassurance. I'm a little nervous, partly because of my earlier PC issues (which had nothing to do with Reason) and partly because of some of the posts I see here about problems after upgrading. I'm fully aware that I don't see posts about the hundreds or thousands of users who have upgraded with no problems and are completely satisfied.

4. Is there anything I should know besides what's in the FAQs?

5. Can I revert to 6.02 if absolutely necessary? (I realize I could uninstall and start over.)

6. If I do this in time I get the Pulsar RE free. The only other RE I know I want is the ring modulator. (I'm a guitarist who wants to get some of those 70's John McLaughlin tones sometimes.) Are there other REs that are absolutely essential? I'm primarily a guitarist/bassist who uses drum tracks brought in from another program for synth sweetening from Reason.

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom.

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