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Am I missing somthing here? Cost of an Upgrade

Hi, I am just about to buy Reason (currently have adapted pre installed on pc) and have found a local retailer who is selling full V6 edition with free upgrade to V6.5 at £299. Yet they sell Essentials with free upgrade to V1.5 at £85 and also the upgrade of 'any' version to the Full V6 edition for £139. Therefore the total cost is £224 and therefore some £75 cheaper. Does anyone no what the catch might be? If it's a marketing thing then great but will the final upgraded V6 edition be the full edition or will it have any limitations? Also, If the 'Essentials' is upgradable from V1 to V1.5, will this accommodate the changes in the V6 to V6.5?

Anyone help before I spend me hard earned cash.