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Originally Posted by particlejunkie View Post
Sorry, I'm still playing devil's advocate in regards to the "it's not hard to have luck what is hard is to wait for it" platitude. I was going to let it go completely until people started chiming in with "oh ya that's sooooo true." It isn't.

What about kids born with terminal illness? Or kids killed in wars? How much waiting can they get in? What about the majority people born in Burma or North Korea? What kind of luck exactly are they waiting for? Basic freedoms? Food? Medical care? I could go on.

Good luck just isn't bound to happen to everyone eventually.

I guess I can't let it go cause my sister lives by platitudes and I find them soooo frivolous, especially when any "truth" extracted from them is either completely subjective, or, well, not there at all.

I see luck as a state of mind. If you feel happy then you are lucky. So it's simple.
Poor people can be lucky too. As if living in this modern society is everything....
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And remember, blessed are the cheesemakers, and any manufacturers of dairy-based music !
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You're a hero Eric...thank you.