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Post Propellerheads Balance for Sale Like New!

Up for sale is my Propellerhead Balance Soundcard + Reason Essentials. It still has all the packaging and I only ever plugged a guitar into the inputs once. So it is basically still in very good condition! I do not smoke either and it has been kept in a clean environment.

I no longer use Reason so I don't see the need for this any longer, plus I need to pay off a few bills.

It is a fabulous sound card and works perfectly for people who use Reason and need to record. It also acts a Ignition key so you can store your licences on it.

Please be aware that it will not work with USB 3.0 ports!

I want to let it go for $200. If you live in Canada or the USA I will pay shipping, however if you are in europe or anywheres overseas we should split the shipping costs down the middle.

PM Me if you are interested!


I have decided to not sell this, it's a good soundcard and who knows maybe i'll get back into using reason again because it is a good set of tools.

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