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RE and EU law

Is that true? I read about a strange guy who spent 2000$ REs in a week and now wants his money back from Propellerhead, claiming they're breaking the EU. The guy is australian, though, anyway he wants to take legal action and crap like this, he writes "they are bound being in the EU by EU law which means i am legally allowed to sell each of my RE's INDIVIDUALLY. They are breaking the law and i am going to see council monday, i am not going to put up with this shit. At the very least i can get a letter sent to them demanding they allow me to sell my licenses, and try charge them for the legal cost".

Is that true, or is he just a poor troll? I mean, the guy KNEW WELL (as he admitted) REs are not resellable. He spent 2000$ and he claimed things like "Reason is the best DAW ever, whenever I use it I get wet" etc. Then, after a week, he "realized" (???...) Reason has some (known) issues. And wants a money refund.

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