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Exclamation Softube TSAR-1 Reverb problem ? or Bug ?

OK I downloaded a demo of the TSAR-1 demo...and I noticed that when you bypass the unit (off) then turn it back on, it replay back the reverb effects from where you last turned it off !!!!

I just created a small audio file animating the TSAR-1 ON/OFF (bypass/on)
And yep it will retain the audio with the reverb effect.Many minutes after, if you cut the reverb before the effect has finished.

..this mean that you have to be sure to let the effect play out before you can turn it off. some reverb effect can have long tails... worst if you are listening to the reverb effect withing the might think that the effect has run it's course...but if you turn the reberb back on in a quite part of your track.. the reveb sound will return, messing up your track.

I tried the RV 7000, and the UHBIK-4 (U-HE) and none of then do that. once you turn of the reverb and turn it back on.. the reveb effect does not return.