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midi problem midi port maybe in use by another program error

I have a synthstation25 akai and an hp laptop both are like brandnew. the computer recognizes the keyboard in devices and hardware, i can see in preferences in reason 5 by pressing the add button in keyboards and control surfaces i can find the synthstation 25 but when i click on it it says midi input problem midi port may be in use by another program, which is weird because at one time reason 5 was the only music program installed. i had reason 3on here but i uninstalled it, i also had nano studio, uninstalled it too. At one time the keyboard did work with all of the programs at one time or another. In nano studio now it recognizes the keyboard but when i press a button the active button doesn't light up green so i guess there is no signal. The keyboard does work on other computers. I hope someone can tell me how to get it working.