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Originally Posted by platzangst View Post
From my perspective, this isn't anywhere close to "the worst thing", it's just kind of... a natural fact. I don't think it's something inherent in music sites, but in the music industry and perhaps the general makeup of musicians - as a whole.

As a music lover, I listen to music quite a lot. But any more, my listening is focused. I tend to buy music from bands I'm already familiar with, I tend to be attracted to albums I'm already pretty sure I will enjoy for one reason or another. Sadly, I don't have the kind of day job where I can just load up an iPod and let it play for 8 hours, so a third of my day is entirely music-less. And then, if I'm working on my own music, it hardly makes sense to be listening to someone else's music at the same time.

In that kind of environment, the times where I can actually absorb some good music are precious, and the idea of just trawling around Bandcamp or Soundcloud just aimlessly trying stuff out is, at least for me, at best inefficient and at worst a boring time sink. Not to mention that there's so much music available now that it's difficult enough to keep up with bands I actively like, let alone any of the vast mass of unknown and amateur artists out there. Sure, I might find a hidden gem, it's possible - but I might also spend a lot of time listening to average drek.

And then drop on top of that the fact that as a musician I am naturally more interested in seeing my music get listened to than I am in listening to just any old random other musician. But that, I think, is probably true of any artist - you will have your own favorite artists in whatever medium you choose to work in, but by and large your own interest in your own career will capture your attention far more than the work done by the vast majority of other artists. Again, I think that's more a natural product of being an artist who releases work to the public rather than anything "bad", per se.

And that might be a disadvantage if your tactic is to try and be noticed by all of the other musicians in some musician-oriented network, instead of trying to just get noticed by people in general.

A;so musicians are known for being poor at buying music - maybe because in some ways music isn't as magical for those who make it or they blow their coins on toys... Either way you are 100% right, esp about marketing to punters. Other artists give you respect, Mr Joe gives you income and rare the twin will meet.

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