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Lightbulb Reaktor/MaxMSP -like Reason Device

I'm sure this has already been mentioned before, but I thought I'd also make a thread on it as more discussions will make the suggestion more popular in general.

If there was either some way of getting Native Instruments (Reaktor) or Cycling 74 (Max/MSP) to make a rack extension version of their product, that would be ace!
Or even better, if Propellerhead developed their own semi-modular creative patching device for Reason, seeing as they've done well making all the other devices, I trust them to do well making this one too.

Seeing as Reason's most well known feature (CV and audio routing) has made it popular as a sound design toolbox, this is the only feature thats missing to make reason complete on the sound design aspect.

I hope we see this in Reason 7, it would be most appreciated. Oh and a cool name would be something like Repatch or Apache. They work well! And I'll let you have the names without any copyright issue :]