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I'll bite...

Off topic, but that Steve Albini summery on the Negativland website is edited. Just wait till you hear what he says about compression- which I agree with to some extent LOL. Also, Negativland rules. Also also, Electrical Audio is a fantastic tour. Wonderful studio.

It is an interesting time for musicians. These DAW's already afford us the technology that bands used to pay thousands a week for. Studios are closing, the Major's are reeling, and internet censorship is just beginning. Obviously it affects everyone. Ever try to buy 2" tape lately?

Make your mark- DIY style. Move on. Find new ways to get the cash flowing. Adapt or get out of the way. I find this sentiment a positive one. Your mileage may vary.

I think if my personal music was popular enough for major label interest, then I wouldn't need them anyways. Plenty of newer bands that are proof of that.
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