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Laptop died... if i replace will i have enough installs??

RI recently took my laptop I use Reason with in for a cleanup & got it back broken. My understanding is that Propellerhead allows you 2 installations (i.e, for your laptop & desktop) in good faith, provided you only use the program on one device at a time. I had full intentions of using my second install on a desktop I was planning to purchase, but I need the program on my replacement laptop too. My question is: is it possible to for me to still have Reason on both my replacement laptop & a desktop or does the fact that my laptop died mean I used one up & can't have Reason on both. Can I "transfer" the first install. Also, I've been using a demo of Reason 6 on an old computer that barley specs in the meantime while im saving for the laptop. I keep making things I want to save but am terrified to put my ignition key in. I don't want it to count as an install & yet I'm not technically using Reason on any computer at this time. Please help.