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Originally Posted by Michael1985 View Post
I wish for a RE like a Graindelay(look at Guitare Rig with its Graindelay) and a Resonator (look in Ableton)
These are VERY nice and flexible effects with ENDLESS possibilities and ENDLESS fun!
+1 on the Resonator. The one thing I envy most about Live when working in Reason is not it's live performance ability, nor the ease with which you can 'jam' and score full tracks from component blocks in real time. Rather, it is the Resonator effects unit. The Resonator is much more versatile than it first appears. This type of effect doesn't have to be the one trick pony metallic ring type sound some basic resonators offer. Check out the "Berlin" patch in Live's one.

Resonators are incredibly useful in Dub Techno and I have never found anything outside of Live that comes close. So much so that I have ended up loading parts from 'hardware only' tracks into Live, just to be resonated!

EDIT: I should mention that despite repeated attempts with comb and formant filters, I've never managed to reproduce anything that sounds close within Reason, even with quite complex FX chain combinators.

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