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I am a young disabled musician

have a passion for music I love the Beatles/Paul McCartney, I've recorded some music o of my own with my dad available at USENET iTunes and of course it is free everywhere except for iTunes due to the fact that you cannot give away music on iTunes. I also have a passion for writing children's books as well. A strong belief in early childhood development my career goal is computer security and general IT , but mostly I would like to focus on computer security. I am 20 and if any of of you are interested I recorded the following staff when I was 10. My dad and I wrote this songs if you would Any more information please let me know

Sadly this is my second attempt due to my speech recognition software, screwing up and causing me to start again but essentially my form of cerebral palsy affects all parts of my body except my speech. My legs. My arms and my fine motor skills, but thankfully my intelligence is somewhat intact. I was born prematurely
cerebral palsy is essentially likeable oxygen to the brain at birth
so I am being a bit vague. It is hard to get my speech recognition software to write technical terms
I am confined to a wheelchair and do not have a great deal use of my hands, but I am still able to use the computer normally I am interested in computer security and when I am not researching about that. I am writing books or music. I am particularly interested in writing children's books
I recently had to purchase the new version of Dragon professional, which is a huge improvement over the previous versions, but it does cost a lot, but it is worth it for my independence and for the ability to be able to write again please forgive me for being extremely vague as I stated above, this is my second attempt at writing this the first post was a lot more detailed as I am somewhat agitated over the fact that it did not work. I cannot really remember all the intricate but I wrote at this point so this is a very brief post so once again I apologise and thank you for your interest. It really does mean a lot to me, but essentially I can do anything on a computer, it just takes me 30% longer than anybody Anybody else