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Collaborations (oriognals & re-mixes)

Hi there,

[please read]

This thread is for any producers/musicians who want to work with another reason user. in other words, me.
I feel that working with another producer that also uses reason would be a great idea because its easy to transfer the song from one computer to another without having to bounce audio all the time.

I'm looking to co-producer remixes and oriognal material/music of professional quality. firstly for the love, and second because I'm serious about my craft and want to make a living from it. also, i find i work best with other producers.

I have Skype and FB just like everyyooonneee else lol. so communication wont be a problem.

The kind of music I'm looking to make are in the links below:
(simian mobile disco)

I would say i am a very good producer and am looking to work with other producers who can contribute as much as me. Check out my Soundcloud (all of it was done in reason) to hear the quality of my production and get an idea of the level I'm at and if you would like to work with me.

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Thanks a bunch, hope to find some serious producers

Contact me @ (because i never look on here as much as i should)