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Originally Posted by TSCrew View Post
I just have a couple of questions about rewiring as I have just really started using it (currently with ableton). I'm using reason 4 but am thinking of getting 6.5.
I've been there myself and if you're doing a lot with sound and sound recording / processing / sculpting then it is absolutely something to seriously consider (Reason 6.5). I dunno man, both the sequencer and mixer section is really putting the heat on IMVHO.

Sequencer is a matter of preference I think, I still like to use both (Live & Reason). But when it comes to the mixer.... Lets just say that I find myself more and more drawn into Reason than Live these days whenever I want to mix / process something. This is something special. I'm not saying "better" perse, but very special nevertheless.

Originally Posted by TSCrew View Post
The main reason I am rewiring is so I can write/record with external synths (I really wish reason had MIDI out). When in rewire I can no longer select devices from within reason to control with my MIDI keyboard. I would have to recreate a MIDI track for each device in ableton to be able to control them. Is there a way to be able to do this? Does it work the same with all programs that you rewire to?
Yes, it comes with the trade of rewiring.

You see; in this setup Live is the master and Reason the slave. As such your hardware (audio, MIDI, etc.) is controlled by the host (Live) whereas the slave (Reason) is basically told what to do by the host. Host sends MIDI into the slave, slave processes MIDI and then (normally) sends audio out.

Small side step: Reason knows nothing about MIDI out, true. Yet you can get MIDI out of Reason and into Live if you'd want to. Won't help you with steering your synths, but heck; its fun nonetheless. If you're interested check this blogpost.

As to your problem... There are a few alternatives which can prevent you from using dozens of MIDI tracks (even though you can group 'm its still a hassle).

For example... The 'External Instrument' (Live device) is ideal for controlling Reason devices. So why not pull up an instrument rack, pull in a few External Instrument devices and point 'm all to different Reason instruments (the ones you want to control) ?

Be careful there though; by default the ext. instrument picks up channels 1/2. So if you pull in another ext. instrument it'll do the same. Effectively resulting in the possibility that you play 1 instrument and get double the audio back :-)

Still; this is one option.

You could also put a few Reason instruments into a combinator, then configure in the programmer section which should receive incoming MIDI and which not. Then point Live (ext. instrument) to the combinator. You can even program this so that a rotary will switch between devices in Reason.

So well... Plenty of options I think to make your life a little easier.

Also, I currently record the audio from my synths into ableton then save it and put it into a reason sampler. With reason 6.5 would I be able to record the audio straight into reason while rewiring?
If you connect your synths to Reason then yes. But otherwise this won't work because as mentioned above; ReWire is about sending out MIDI and receiving audio. So all Live can do is sent MIDI to Reason.

Alas; hope this gives you some ideas.

PS: if you decide before the 1st of October on getting Reason 6(.5.1) you'll get Pulsar for free. Just saying because... its also one of those devices which is extremely handy to have.

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