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I've been playing with AUTOMAP in the last few months, everything's ok, more or less.
I'm limited from some points of view, but i've got used to it.
But, anyway, still don't get hot to use the REMOT OVERRIDE without AUTOMAP, in case a need it. I've seen multple videos showing how simple is to do that with a Korg Kontrol for example, or many other controllers: just click AUTO DETECT DEVICE and there u go, every button, slider or knob in the rack is assignable with remote override.
The SL MKII it's not showed in that list, and if i do add it manually i can choose between automap keyboard, automap control (always f*****g automap).
The only controls that i can assign are the 61 keys, sustain, Mod/Pitch and expression pedal.
Do Buttons, slider, knobs and encouders exist just using the AUTOMAP? I'm starting to be afraid this is the answer.....
It's becoming annoying.....planning to buy a NEKTAR PANORAMA 61, when it will be launched, but that's not the point.