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Send me your music!


I realised a few weeks ago that I was probably not getting as much exercise as I really should, so decided to do something about it and started running. I try to run 3 times a week, and it's been going well so far - I've just finished my fifth week, and it's definitely having a positive impact on me. So that's nice.

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to combine that with something else I love doing (but don't have much time for while working) - listening to new music!

So, if you fancy having me potentially listen to one of your tunes, pop it in my Soundcloud Dropbox here...

...and I might give it a listen. I can't promise to listen to everything I get sent, but if I do then I might start posting comments here. Or not. Who knows! I have no idea how this'll go.

Naturally, because I'm going to be listening to this while running, please try and keep the ambient/downtempo/chilled submissions to a minimum. While these are all things that I love, listening to ambient music while running does not help my performance.

So... throw me your tunes!

edit: It probably goes without saying, but please only send me YOUR music. Don't start sending me music by bands or artists you think I should check out. That's not what I'm going for here.

edit edit: ALSO! If you want me to listen to your music, make sure I can download it. I'm not going to stream it while I'm running, that would probably end in frustration. If I can't download it, there's no way I'm going to check it out. Sorry.

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