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Reason is getting obsolete

I have to say that Reason is getting obsolete and needs to be updated to compare with what is on the market right now.

I still own Reason 4 Record 151 and Reason 651 and i have been recently using a lot Ableton 8 and i noticed the following serious weaknesses in Reason 651 and thay my workflow decreased and showed better results.

- dynamic processing devices are still inferior to Ableton suite, some rack extensions sounds ok but not great;

- Reason mixer needs sub grouping.

- audio quantize missing

- midi out not implemented

- Drum devices like Kong are not flexible and dynamic like Drum rack or the newst NI Machine Mk2 which is becoming more and more a standard in the dance music making;

Furthermore apart Korg and Softube and few others I have not seen a good exposure of decent rack extension so far.

I have beeen using Reason for several years and I still love it but imho productivity and workflow are essential in a music making software.

Yes lack of bugs is a strong point but nowadays almost all software are stable.

Thank you

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