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Confused by remote overrides

Trying to get a grip on this: The manual says of Remote, "It is basically a mapping system
that provides direct hands-on control of parameters for EACH Reason device". The section describing copy/paste for overrides even says "You can copy Remote Override mappings for a device and paste them INTO A DEVICE of the same type."

Based on the above, I would expect each device to have it's own remote override mapping, but...I'm using the rack extension Buffre in the Master Insert section. I added a remote override for pitch bend to get the Pitch knob to "snapp back" to 0. This works fine but is active regardless of which sequencer track is activated (which surprises me). The problem is that no other devices respond to pitch bend signals unless I remove this override. I've also tried with a normal device (i.e. a Thor synth connected to a normal Mix Channel) with the same result so it's not a Master Secion issue.

This raises the question, are there remote override mappings for each device? Maybe I'm not doing this correctly, but remote overrides seem to act globally.

Any help would be appreciated!

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