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Constant Clipping issue with 6.5.1

Hi there everyone, first post here and I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue or have any suggestions?

I've just upgraded from Reason 4 to 6.5 and I'm pretty stoked about all the new features, let alone never having to export stems into a separate DAW for adding audio, but here's my problem:

Before upgrading, I was using Reason 4 to program all the usual stuff, and then exporting each element and importing into Cubase where I would add my guitars, vocal and any other live elements, where I would then mix and export. My biggest issue though was that within Cubase it took very little to clip my main-out audio meter, dropping the level of each track meant the whole project was way below the standard level as I was pushing my interface's volume to well over a third where it would normally sit when using Reason alone, or listening to music. I never had that issue when using Reason alone, until now. I've installed Reason 6, and when importing all my previous Reason sessions, and more so when recording audio I'm getting a constant clip until I bring all the faders down (and then I'm pushing my interface further than before.) just to regain the standard volume.

Anyone got any idea what's going on here? I recognise that it's probably down to the audio interface, but there are no real settings I can tweak on my computer. The interface I'm using is an Edirol UA-25 (24 bit/96kHz).

If anyone can suggest anything I'd be hugely grateful. Thanks guys.