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Originally Posted by network3r View Post
Hey, I'm kinda stumped on what sounds to put in my hip hop beat. i been working on it almost a week. Whenever I put new sounds in it, it sounds like theres too much but the song as it stands right now sounds like its too plain. here it is to listen to.
Here's an exercise that helped me, it's not science but it's fun.
Play a song you know you like and turn your speakers up so it's at a good volume, not distorting, but enough to be heard from out in the hall.
Hit the -20Db button on the mixer.
Turn all your mix channels down to zero.
Without looking at the slider as you move it, turn the Kick drum channel up just until you're sure you can hear it, not so it's obvious, just so you're sure it's not silence.
Repeat the process for the other instruments, just until you can hear them in the mix, not so that they are too prominent. You might find it easiest to set a loop around a section where most of your sounds are sounding.
If when you're going through this process you feel temped to mute a track because you can't hear any more then you can start looking at Eq or revising your arrangement. If too many sounds are fighting for the same frequency you don't get a clean mix.
EDIT: Don't forget to turn the -20Db off when you're done)
I don't know how relevant this info is to you, I could either be totally insulting you with basic concepts or I may just have blown your mind, either way. now is not the time for me to prattle on about EQ, Panning or Compression. Anyhow, my tea's ready, let me know how you get on.
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