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Originally Posted by UnderStudio2010 View Post
When you run Hyper-V in the Programs and Features (Turn Windows features on or off). Recycle, Reason 5 works without a problem.

After installing the CodeMeter 4.50b, Reason 6.5 works without a problem.

Tested on AMD Phenom II x4 955 Processor.

Download CodeMeter

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I've noticed you stated this in a couple of threads. It should be noted for all that Hyper-V has a set of requirements that will make its use not apply to everyone:

64-bit PCs only. Like the Server software on which it is based, Client Hyper-V only runs on 64-bit PCs that are running the 64-bit version of Windows 8 Pro (or Enterprise).

Chipset requirements. Client Hyper-V requires modern Intel and AMD microprocessors that include Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) technologies. Fortunately, this is a feature of all current generation (“Sandy Bridge” on Intel) microprocessors. But it means that your older Core 2 Duo-based PCs may not work.

Memory. Your PC must be configured with at least 4 GB of RAM. Of course, more is always better with virtualization, so if your needs are high-end, you’ll want more RAM than that.

Props have already stated that a proper AMD chipset fix for Windows 8 and Reason 6.5 is in the works. It works fine on Intel based Windows 8. That said, the OP using a preview disc is not wise. The RTM version of Windows 8 Pro has been out for some time (I have it installed).

There's no reason to assume that older versions of Reason (5, earlier, etc) will be supported.
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