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Question Making the sound originate from thin air!

Hi guys and girls,

I have a stereo radio-alarm clock from Sony, and there is a feature on it that always amazed me: It's a kind of stereo enhancer. When I select it, it looks like the sound comes from outside the machine: I mean by that, that the left channel seems to come out from somewhere left of the left speaker, as appearing from thin air. The same with the right channel.

I actually wonder if this is emulatable using a soft (or combi of RE's).

Maybe it goes back to a lack of understanding of something from my part: I am quite satisfied with the stereo spread I end up on my music, but I can't get at the level of top notch productions. Even if I pan hard right and hard left, say two guitars (not using a Hass effect, two different guitars), when I play it in the car it's OK but it doesn't reach such extreme spread (while still keeping a musical balance).

Any thoughts?

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