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Thank you All for the explanations!

My Question "mp3 convertion directly from 24bit/96KHz?" is answered.

-I can convert directly from 24/96 to .mp3!

-I have to Dither (only) when I want to make/save the File for CD (16/44.1)!

What I find out by myself:
Its like everything in Music, when it sounds good you do it right!?

I Dithering the .wav(24/96) and save it as .mp3(320kbps) for MySpace.
Than I need a smaller .mp3 for soundclick, so I just save the 320kbps .mp3 as a 128kbps .mp3 and I think the 128-file sounds better than the 320-file when I stream it from the different Websites.

But this is maybe because of dissimilar streaming of the different Websites.

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