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Mixing Rock Music in Reason

Hi guys,

I don't claim to be a mixing engineer by any means. I'm mostly used to mixing hip-hop, which I do almost 100% inside the box using Reason and once in a while other DAW's. However, recently I recorded an indie rock band with loud guitars and drums. I used Logic as the DAW, but am really finding it hard to get the mix sounding good using the stock Logic plugins and a few purchased from Waves such as RVox, Rverb, RComp, RAxx... The raw files sound nice, but I'm finding Logic to be a little tough. I suppose I have to learn, but I'm on a deadline and just want the best product done in something that will not take forever. I usually wouldn't turn to Reason for anything dealing with rock music, but I'm considering trying a mix in Reason. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone done this with success in such a genre? Any arguments why I should stick with Logic and not even bother importing the stems into Reason?