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Originally Posted by Bspain View Post
I'm so sick of Live's technical issues that I want to get rid of it. I like how simple and easy the workflow is but I just cant handle the constant crashing, poor multicore support, extremely poor performance when re-wiring and lack of a 64-bit version (which brings along memory limitations with it). I've been using it since version 2 and it has just fallen too far behind for me that I'm switching to Cubase and Reason (been using Reason since v1). If I could produce what I want to produce entirely in Reason I would, and its almost there for me, RE's are making it alot better.
Hmm, I find the multicore support of Live is actually much better than Reason's. Reason doesn't even support hyper-threading so if you have a quad core with HT Reason will only use the 4 cores, where programs like Logic or Live will make use of HT and load the 4 cores plus the 4 virtual cores. In addition my CPU can go up to 80-85% CPU before I get pops and clicks in Live. Currently I can't even play back an 18 track song in Reason 6.51 without the audio slowing down at times, and support is helpless.

In regards to Rewire, do you have multi-processor support turned on for Rewire in the preference/CPU tab in Live?

Live does have a 64 bit version, which is still in beta, but it's a free update! My version 8.3.4 hasn't crashed once. That being said Reason is much more stable than Live, I agree with you on that!