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Originally Posted by BetraX View Post
Spotted this earlier at SC it's very chill and very up-lifting. I like it
Thanks man, glad you like it.

Originally Posted by electricfusion View Post
Hey bro,

i really dig the track...funky,70y-ish super-slam-dunk....kinda reminds me on QT´s movie Jackie Brown.
I´ll leave some comments on SC 2morrow...arghh...long day at work.
Hm,re the bass...i can´t tell you which notes (sorry,not that musical ) of the baseline cut thru the mix.
IMO the lower bass notes are spot on (as in volume) as they support the groove but the higher ones have a tendency to be a tad to "loud".I encounter this problem sometimes w/ G and A (G too soft in this example) thus i either decrease the velo of the loud note or even decrease the volume of it all together depends on which works better.
Hmm, funny, I thought the upper bass notes might be too quiet, judging from my headphones. Then when I saw the track's waveform on soundcloud I suspected I have EQ problems, too much low-end, and not enough high-end in the bass maybe. Aahh, mixing. Thanks for lending your ears. Glad you like the tune

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