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Thanks for sharing your music! It's not a style I really listen to, but it was interesting enough to get me to play the whole thing.

One thing that I thought might still need some work though is some more EQing and stuff to bring out the best in certain instruments. That was the first thing I thought when I heard the opening of the first track...

Maybe I'm missing something, and some of this is just part of the "spacey" feel, and in that case it works, I just felt myself wanting to go throw a Pulveriser on those drums and play with the mixer a bit. I also thought I heard some ducking that was a little extreme, but maybe it was an effect you were going for.

I think some other tracks could probably use some touching up in the EQing/mixing area too, like UFO Sighting feels a bit overwhelming to my ears at some points (especially where the synth comes in).

I'd try maybe tightening up the synth and the bass a little so there's more space and they're each more distinct and clear, but really everything I'm saying is just my preference. Maybe you nailed what people who listen to this style of music want, and if you did, or if you think it already sounds just the way you want it, don't worry about any of my suggestions.

Don't let anything I said discourage you though, those are relatively minor issues and they don't by any means make it bad music! I think my favorite was the last track, Lady, and not because it was the last track. For some reason it just caught my attention enough to make me flip back over and see what it was.

Thanks again, and I hope that a lot of people will take the time to listen.