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A really nagging problem

The problem is everything is sounding louder on the left hand side even though they are are all panned center. Ive Tried putting the instrumens to mono but they still sound louder on the left.

Basically I have my redrum loaded with drum samples, from there ive split the signal so that the kick is sidechained with the sub. Both left and right wires are plugged in so its not a case of the right wire not being connected.

Ive even tried making a new instrument from scrath and that too is just automatically sounding louder on the left even though the signal says its the same left and right.

Ive had other people listen and they agree with me so its not my hearing thankfully

Maybe there is some sort of setting on the main mixer that im missing?

Im using Reason 6.5 by the way.

Any help is appreciated!