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Thumbs up zero-g quick refill help

Hello reasoners
Not that long ago i decided to by a refill from zero-g web page, i was looking at the nu-house refill, been out for a while but never the less i liked it and wonted it. i down loaded it and was a little gutted to fine out the refills were not in the file. I sent zero-g a email asking if i had done something wrong i.e did not change the file type before downloading or something along those lines. Just before i could make a cup of tea they had replied with the following

The download version of Nu House actually only includes WAV and ACID formats. On the product's page in our Download Shop website it does not say anywhere in the text that REFILL is included - it says the formats included are WAV and ACID.

HOWEVER we just noticed that the wrong product image was used and on that image it does say REFILL!!! That image is of the cover of the physical CD version which is the same as the download except that it also includes a reason refill.

They could not be any nicer also saying that it would get sorted ASAP 6 hrs later a had my refill
Excellent service !!!

because of this they are right now in the making of another dance refill mega pack that only came in physical CD version ready to download in the next few days. Its been out for a while but im thinking of getting it dose any one own it and can you tell me more on it ? would love to know
total dance refill

cheers combo