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Originally Posted by merlin35 View Post
want to trigger drums and samples on my mpk61 pads how do i do this using kong?
Do you mean you want to trigger the drums in Kong by hitting the pads on your mpk61? As far as I know your mpk61 is just a midi controller right?
Well I have a Axiom61 midi controller which only has 8 pad and I had to set it up so each pad was playing the right note that triggers the kong pad. What you can do is hit a note on your midi controller until the first pad lights up and take notice as to what note (C3 for example) it is and set up your first pad on your mpk61 as that note. Do this for each pad and you should be good to go. As far as changing the notes on your mpk61 pad you'll have to look that up in your manual. I hope this helps you out. Peace!