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All software has limits. Few things can grow without reaching a fixed limit. I wouldn't be very surprised to discover there is a limit for the total number of cables on the back. Or the total number of Subtractors on the rack. But I would expect those limits (if existed) to be very high: say 4 billion cables, 65 thousand Subtractors. Normally we don't bump on software limits cause they are high, altough they tend to exist.

What I wouldn't expect would be for the next version of Reason to only support 65000 cables or only 256 Subtractors (following the imagined example). Cause that would put someone who had created before a 257 Subtractor song in trouble. Reason is supposed to be backward compatible (and many other softwares are supposed too, although sometimes some break the backward compatibility).

This is a similar situation (although involving 2 different pieces of software, but one produces what the other consumes: Reason cannot produce his own recycled files), and to make it worst, the limit is kind of low.

If Recycle was limited to 92 slices from the beginning, there would be no issue. If Reason 7 started being able to produce rexfiles, but limited to 92 slices, I would think it was acceptable, although cumbersome. But as it is, I believe this should be fixed ASAP.

Best solution would be for Octorex to support the same number of slices that Recycle can produce/save.

2nd best would be for the limit, even if inferior, to be much higher than this.

Sigmuntowski, do you have a Reason version with DrRex? I wonder if DrRex has this limit or not.