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If Props don't take note of this on the next update...

I don't know how that sentence should end but Reason has been crying out for better audio manipulation / slicing since record was born.

I understand they may well have been an old profit agreement made on Recycle that is getting in the way, but even if that is the case, it's absolutely in their interest to renegotiate.

I know a lot of Reason Heads get angry when we talk about other DAWs being ahead of Reason in this sense - but the fact is, reason is, in it's current form still way way behind the competition in terms of audio. But a few minor additions would rectify that so quickly.

A couple of clicks loading up some Waves plug-ins on a Vocal take in Pro-tools or logic or any other VST compatible DAW is equivalent to hours of knob turning on the M-Class suite. I mean there is still no purpose built DeEsser.

With the introduction of REs it has been a big step but I still can't get the same results as quickly.

Having said that Reason's sequencer for me is so quick and easy to use...

ok I'll shut up now - didn't mean for that to turn into a rant.

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