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Live Bass "growl" effect

Hi everyone

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have a bass sound in my head and I want my live bass player to be able to pull it off via effect pedal. I just don't know what sort of pedal he would need to replicate this sound.

I created that using the simple bass patch in subtractor but then I layered it with a bass synth one octave below.. and then to add the "growl" I doubled the part with a Clav with a wah effect.

I've heard this sound on tracks from other artists and I've seen (heard) it played live at a venue.. just didn't get a glimpse of the pedal board.

Is there a Mooger Fooger or something similiar that can create this sound I want to hear played live by my bass player?

Thanks everyone
Clayton Lewis
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