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Originally Posted by devilfish View Post
An example.
I open the file browser on Thor.
It takes about 15-20 seconds until the window opens.
The next step is to choose a different directory.
This will take 15-20 seconds again.

Same in NN19 if I want to load a WAV file.
I have directories with 1000 Kick Drums / Snaredrums / hihats and more
It takes 20 seconds and more to view the contents of these directories,
where my wavefiles are in.

Selecting the main folder (c: \ Program Files \ Propp .. \ Reason)
always takes much too long! (20 sec)

or is this normal (in Reason)?????

With Cubase and Fruityloops this goes in 250ms?!
Yes please fix this its really,really slow especially on the first browse.
And pretty dang slow all the way! +1

I have a fairly new system and nothing helps, of course its fast with just the reason sound banks but that's a little limited isn't it?
Props please look into this.