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Reason 6.5 Student edition or upgrading reason 5?


I'm doing a project for a music class and I have to use reason. I installed reason 6.5 on my computer as a demo, and obviously cannot re-open the file I created... After lurking on the boards I noticed that reason 6 cannot open reason 6.5 files, nor can reason 6/6.5 save as a lower version of itself for piracy reasons.

My project is due relatively soon and I managed to get a legal copy of reason 2.5 and reason 5 from my sibling and his friend. I want to know if:

1. I can essentially install reason 2.5 or reason 5 and do an upgrade online or do I actually have to pay $169 and wait for it to ship?

2. Would it be better to buy the student edition of reason 6.5 instead? How does the student edition verify your enrollment, is the edition partnered with certain institutions (I know programs like autocad are)?

...or if someone really wants to help, I would appreciate it if someone who has reason 6.5 can convert my file to midi.